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Do you want to join a dynamic and rapidly developing bakery business? Send us your resume to the following address: ! we are constantly looking for motivated people to strengthen the BO&MIE teams!

Vendeuse dans une boulangerie à Paris


 Full time or part time

In charge of welcoming our customers to the bakery, you will be responsible for advising, serving and assisting them. Full time or part time. Main qualities required: seriousness and smiles!

Boulanger dans une boulangerie à Paris


 Full time

You will be ensuring  the daily production of breads from one of our two shops. All our products are made from natural levean in a 100% artisanal way. Therefore, we are looking for experienced bakers who like to work with beautiful products using traditional methods.

Pâtissière dans une boulangerie à Paris


Full Time

In direct contact with our Pastry Chef, you will be in charge of ensuring the daily production of our pastry range (Flans, Cake, Cookies, Fine pastry).

Cuisinier dans une boulangerie à Paris


Full Time

You will join our team in charge of the Snacking / Catering and will ensure the daily production of all our savory products: Quiches, Sandwiches, Salads, Bagels…

Boulanger Pâtissier dans une boulangerie à Paris


Duration to be determined together

BO&MIE regularly receives trainees. You will join our elite team of bakers and/or pastry chefs and will actively participate in the daily activity of the laboratory and will be in direct contact with our production manager.


Join the team of Bakers at BO&MIE

Thank you !

Pâtissier en train de confectionner des pâtisseries

FAQ Join the Team !

What type of profiles are you looking for to work in your bakeries?

We are looking for individuals who are passionate about the world of baking and pastry, who are ready to commit to providing exceptional customer service! The roles available range from qualified bakers and pastry chefs, to store salespersons, to store managers. Prior experience is appreciated, but we also offer internal training for all promising candidates.

What is your recruitment process?

Our recruitment process starts with the submission of your CV and cover letter via our website or by email ( If your profile meets our needs, we will contact you for an in-person or video interview. This may be followed by a practical trial session in one of our stores.

Do you offer opportunities for training and career development?

Absolutely! We firmly believe in investing in our employees and their growth within BO&MIE. We offer training opportunities and encourage advancement within the company. For those who show initiative and passion, there are always opportunities to progress and develop new skills!

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