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Where can you find the best pastry flan of Paris?


"You can find it at BO&MIE! The vanilla flans taste is scrumptious, cracking right open when cut, succulent creamy flow on the palate with nice hints of vanilla and a thin layer of sweet dough gives it a marvelous taste. An addictive wonder. Irresistible!"

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The best bakeries in Paris

"BO&MIE has made their chocolate bread trend on Instagram. For a good reason too, as its perfectly designed crustillant puff pastry and its melting praline core has won the hearts of many fans. Other fan favorites are the croissant filled with raspberry paste and the chocolate glazed madeleines. Not only are these delicious pastries on instagram for you to marvel at, but it is also possible to have it delivered directly to your home ”



Where are the trendiest bakeries in Paris?

“Founders of BO&MIE, Jean-François and Magali, changed career paths to baking, and met the benches of Ferrandi School of Gastronomie, surrounded themselves with two highly experienced pastry chefs. Customers are spoiled with an abundance of choice and can choose between a bread with a touch of buckwheat, a pistachio/almond toast, a vanilla custard and a redesigned tatin. You can order at the cafe or have it delivered!"



The best bakeries in Paris


"Founded by two former students of the Ferrandi School, BO&MIE is a bakery that manages to combine the immaculate balance between modernity and authenticity. With certified quality flours from local producers and a 100% homemade production, no additives, its strong values contribute to the reputation of this establishment that is continuing to spread like wildfire



5 bakeries that make a difference in Paris


"Becoming an essential place to eat for Instagram influencers, the BO&MIE bakery shows us that it is possible to combine both modernity and authenticity. Recently opened in the Montorgueil district, its croissants have already won the hearts of local residents"



8 lemon tarts you must taste in Paris


"The pastry chef at BO&MIE bakery, Timothy Breton, revisits the lemon tart recipe by combining a lemon-soaked cookie with a lime cream and a lemon confit core. The combination of Italian and French meringues as well as the lemon marshmallow on top, marries well with your taste buds."



BO&MIE -  RATED NUMBER 1 BEST Boulangerie de Paris on TripAdvisor

RATED 4.5 out of 5 stars - 190 Reviews - 1st of 366 Bakeries in Paris

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"The pastries and viennoiseries are excellent. The atmosphere is very pleasant and warm. For me it is THE bakery to go to of Paris"

Sandrine B.

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"Delicious refined pastries. I wanted to taste everything! The pastries are very simple, yet they are beautiful as they are good!"

Marion A.

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"Once again, it is completely impossible to pass by without stopping for a pure moment of indulgence"

George L.

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"A little by chance, a little by instinct, we discovered this very pleasant place for a family break and we really enjoyed it. Love it"


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