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Your artisanal bakery in Paris

At BO&MIE, we are committed to providing an authentic artisanal bakery experience in Paris. Our products, crafted with passion and expertise, result from meticulous work by the best artisans in the capital. Discover our world where every bread, pastry, and dessert tells a story of tradition, quality, and innovation.

Pains au chocolat créés dans une boulangerie artisanale

Quality at the Heart of Our Artisanal Bakery

Our philosophy is simple: impeccable quality for total customer satisfaction. At BO&MIE artisanal bakery, every ingredient is carefully selected from local suppliers to ensure optimal freshness and quality. Our flours come from renowned mills, our fruits are chosen for their perfect ripeness, and we use only natural products without additives or preservatives. This particular attention to raw materials allows us to offer you 100% homemade products of exceptional quality.

Passionate Artisans for Unique Creations

The soul of BO&MIE artisanal bakery lies in the talent and passion of our artisans. Bakers, pastry chefs, and dough makers: each profession is represented by dedicated professionals who master traditional techniques while constantly innovating. Our teams are committed every day to kneading, shaping, and baking creations that delight your taste buds, with some of the best bread in Paris.

Touriers en train de confectionner des viennoiseries dans une boulangerie à Paris

A Diverse and Accessible Product Range

At BO&MIE, we offer a focused yet extremely high-quality range of products to suit all tastes. From rustic bread to crispy pastries, refined desserts, and savory options, each product is designed to delight. Our competitive prices allow everyone to enjoy excellence without compromise, making the BO&MIE artisanal bakery experience accessible to all.

An Artisanal and Modern Bakery

Our artisanal bakeries in Paris are not just points of sale but meeting places for lovers of good bread and beautiful pastries. Each BO&MIE artisanal bakery is designed to reflect our commitment to craftsmanship and modernity, offering a welcoming space where you can discover our products and enjoy a pleasant time on site.

Pâtisseries à l'abricot confectionnées dans une boulangerie patisserie à Paris

FAQ - Your Questions About Our Artisanal Bakery

Want to know more about BO&MIE? Find here the answers to the most frequently asked questions by our customers!

What makes BO&MIE unique among bakeries in Paris?

Our commitment to craftsmanship, the use of top-quality local raw materials, and our team of passionate artisans set BO&MIE apart in the Parisian bakery landscape.

Where can I find a BO&MIE artisanal bakery in Paris?

We have several locations throughout Paris, including in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th arrondissements.

Are BO&MIE artisanal bakeries open on Sundays?

Yes, all our artisanal bakeries are open on Sundays, allowing you to enjoy our fresh products every day.

Do you offer products for specific diets?

Yes, we offer vegetarian options and are working to integrate other options to meet various dietary needs.

How does BO&MIE ensure the quality of its products?

We follow strict quality controls and use only raw materials selected for their freshness and ethical sourcing.

Can I order BO&MIE products online?

Yes, we offer an online ordering service so you can enjoy our products wherever you are in Paris.

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