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Boutique BO&MIE, une boulangerie à Paris


At BO&MIE, we firmly believe that the success of a company is not only measured by its turnover, but also by the impact it has on society and the surrounding environment. This is why we are resolutely committed to a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach.

Beyond our passion for artisan baking, we are aware of the environmental, social and economic challenges we face today. That's why we strive to adopt responsible practices in all aspects of our business.

Our commitment to a sustainable future translates into concrete actions in several key areas:


Tarte au fraise confectionnée dans une boulangerie patisserie à Paris

Seasonal products

Our menu adapts to the rhythm of the four seasons : our pastries and salty dishes , for example, give pride of place to seasonal products, allowing us to combine taste quality and responsible food. In particular, this allows us to favor local supplies and reduce our ecological footprint.


Our products are healthy, without the use of additives or improvers. For bread in particular, we use everything simply our own natural sourdough and a long fermentation which acts as a natural preservative. The liquid or hard leaven allows a better preservation of the breads and more flavorful aromas.

Pain frai réalisé dans une boulangerie à Paris
Céréales utilisées pour réaliser le pain dans une boulangerie à Paris

Vegetarian offer

BO&MIE is committed to reducing its ecological footprint by offering a predominantly vegetarian menu, with 72% of its overall menu being meat, egg and milk-free. In collaboration with new players in the food industry, BO&MIE is actively working towards expanding its vegan options, including substitutes for eggs, butter, and various dairy products.


80% of the plastic used is recycled. We have a zero plastic goal in 2025.


BO&MIE did not wait until 2023 to eradicate disposable tableware from its points of sale. Since our opening in 2017, we have been offering reusable tableware on site (cups, glasses, plates and cutlery).

Logo Recyclage
Pain dans une boulangerie à Paris

Valuation of unsold items  

It may happen at the end of the day that certain products do not find takers. Rather than wasting them, we have chosen to give them a second chance by donating them to associations committed to the fight against food insecurity. We also work with TOOGOODTOGO which allows our customers to collect unsold items at the end of the day at reduced prices.


Farine Label Rouge utilisée dans notre boulangerie à Paris

A local "Label Rouge" flour

Flour is the heart of baking, and we recognize its importance by sourcing the finest ingredients. To reduce our carbon footprint and support the local economy, we have chosen to work with a local mill, Les Moulins de Chars. We are able to use wheat grown in the Val d'Oise, while also ensuring our farmers are paid a fair wage. Also, our flour has been awarded the Label Rouge designation.

Sustainable agriculture

Through our rigorous commitment to sustainable sourcing, we ensure that all raw materials, including our cocoa beans sourced from Cacao Barry, meet our high standards for ethical and environmental responsibility. By supporting the Cocoa Horizons Foundation through our purchase of chocolate, we are contributing to the improvement of cocoa farmers' lives, the eradication of child labor, and our goal of having a positive impact on deforestation and our carbon footprint by 2025.

Chocolat issue de l'agriculture durable utilisé dans notre boulangerie à Paris
Fruits, légumes et céréales utilisés dans notre boulangerie à Paris

French raw materials

Our fruits and vegetables are delivered every day by our early market  Rungis directly to our four Parisians 



The vast majority of our fruit purees are made from 100% French fruit and supplied by our partners Boiron and Andros.


Mains des différents membres d'une équipe

Our team

At BO&MIE, we pride ourselves on being a family business with 150 employees, all of whom are highly valued and respected. In addition to our commitment to our team members, we also prioritize their working conditions and respect for their time. As such, any overtime, night hours, or Sunday work is fully compensated according to our collective agreement.

Diversity, Equality, Opportunities!

Since the creation of BO&MIE we have welcomed employees of around twenty different nationalities. In addition, we respect a perfect male/female balance (50/50) on all of our teams. Finally, we are proud to promote apprenticeship with the reception of 15 to 20 apprentices per year. Most of them are also offered the opportunity to join the BO&MIE adventure on a permanent contract following their apprenticeship!

Pâtissières entrain de travailler dans une boulangerie et pâtisserie 100% artisanale
Raquette et balles de tennis sur un terrain de tennis

BO&MIE: all about sport!

At BO&MIE, we value the well-being of our employees and firmly believe in the benefits of sport for physical and mental health!

This is why we have decided in partnership with GYMLIB to offer our employees the possibility of accessing hundreds of sports activities in Paris almost free of charge (BO&MIE financing 90% of costs).

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