It is thanks to the work and talent of our amazing team of elite bakers, that BO&MIE is widely recognized today as one of the top bakeries in Paris



Driven by the passion of their job, they daily produce a range of breads based on natural levean and fermentation. We make and produce our own flour ( most of it is certified by Label Rouge) and we do not add any preservatives or any unnatural additives during the process of production


Our team of doughmakers works daily to offer our customers the best original recipes for our pastries. We carry out numerous tests every week in order to keep innovation and creation at the heart of our mission. This is how some of our well known and essential products were born, such as the praline bread or the Raspberry Croissant. All our pastries are, of course, homemade using quality ingredients (Label Red Flour,  “PDO” Butter) for optimum quality and taste.



Led by our Chef Nicolas Wickart, our team of Pastry chefs consist of professionals bringing different experiences and backgrounds in the art of pastry making, having for the most part worked at large Parisian establishments (high-end restaurants/Luxurious hotels/palace).


Picking quality ingredients is an essential element to offer the highest quality products. Our amazing team works daily to select the best products available, all while favoring local producers.


In order to favor short supply chains, we exclusively order our flour from Moulins de Chars, a local milling company. Located in Chars (95) in the preserved environment of the “Vexin Natural Park”, the Maurey family has run the Moulins de Chars for almost a century. The passion and effort provided by their millers allow this traditional family mill to provide BO&MIE with one of the very finest flours from Ile de France.

Fresh Bread

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