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A large majority of our products are now available for delivery in less than 90 minutes in Paris and part of the first crown! Please feel free to click

"I order" for access all our creations available for delivery!


Pain réalisé dans une boulangerie artisanale à Paris
Pain au chocolat confectionné dans une boulangerie patisserie à Paris
Pattisserie confectionnée dans une boulangerie patisserie à Paris


Our Bread is kneaded, shaped, and baked right from our very own kitchen. We ensure the exquisite quality of bread as we let its pleasant aromes and natural nutritional qualities come into effect after a 24-hour fermentation


All of our pastries are 100 percent made with pure butter, and are daily made by our professional dough makers in our bakery


For each of our recipes, we make sure to create the perfect balance between the amazing taste, the premium quality of the ingredients, all of which at an affordable price


BO&MIE currently has 5 bakeries in Paris and 1 in Barcelona. All our shops are equipped to welcome you in the best conditions: seats, refined and zen decoration, free wifi & pop/chill music. New shops will arrive very soon in France and abroad.

We'll tell you more very soon ;-)

Vitrine de la boulangerie BO&MIE à Paris


Patissières entrain de travailler dans une boulangerie et pâtisserie 100% artisanale

A 100% Homemade Offer to Provide You with a Truly Unique Artisan Bakery Experience

High-Quality Ingredients Carefully Selected from Mainly Local Suppliers for Our Bakeries and Pastry Shops

Préparation d'une pâte à pain dans une boulangerie à Paris
Viennoiseries et préparations salées sur une table dans une boulangerie à Paris

 A Streamlined and Ultra-High-Quality Range of Bakery, Viennoiserie, Pastry, and Savory Products

A Pleasant and Well-Crafted Environment to Welcome Customers in the Best Conditions at Our Paris Bakeries

Deux femmes en train de petit-déjeuner chezBO&MIE, une boulangerie à Paris
Deux personnes en train de goûter des patisseries dans une boulangerie à Paris

Competitive Prices to Make the BO&MIE Bakery and Pastry Experience Accessible to All Without Compromising on Quality

Pâtisseries à l'abricot confectionnées dans une boulangerie patisserie à Paris

FAQ - Our bakeries in Paris

Want to know more about BO&MIE? Find here the answers to the most frequently asked questions by our customers!

When did you open your first bakery in Paris?

We opened our first artisanal bakery in Paris in November 2017 at 18 Rue de Turbigo (75002). From the outset, we committed ourselves to perpetuating the French tradition of bread making, pastries, and all kinds of sweet delicacies ;-)

What types of products do you offer?

At BO&MIE, we manufacture a wide range of products from traditional baguettes, small breads, chocolate breads, sandwiches, to sweet treats like cakes and soon macarons. All are homemade with quality ingredients.

Do you offer industrial frozen products?

No, we obviously do not offer any industrial frozen products! All our products are prepared in an artisanal way in our lab and bakery and baked every day to ensure their freshness and quality.

Do you offer gluten-free products?

Yes, we have a range of low-gluten products to meet the needs of all our customers. We work hard to ensure that these products are of course as tasty and delicious as our other products.

What can you tell me about your artisanal know-how?

Our artisanal know-how is the key to our success. Our artisan bakers and baker-pastry chefs apply traditional techniques of bread and French pastry making. We use quality flours and selected ingredients to guarantee the flavor, texture of our products and the pleasure of our customers' taste buds!

Are your pastries also made on site?

Our sweet treats, soft desserts and other delicacies are prepared in our bakery at 18 Rue Turbigo in the heart of Paris by our team (artisan pastry chef), according to the principles of artisanal pastry.

What is the particularity of your traditional bakery?

In addition to our range of tasty products, our traditional bakery stands out for the quality of our homemade products and our commitment to respect the French tradition of bakery. Each product is the result of the dedicated work of our artisans and our passion for good bread.

Do you offer special breads?

Yes, we offer a variety of special breads throughout the year. We also offer collections of special breads during holiday periods such as rye bread for example. We use different flours to give each baked bread a unique flavor and distinct character.

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